Why Choose Degen Web3?

Degen Web3 is the blockchain development platform you need to build, scale and optimize your crypto and blockchain projects.

Our powerful blockchain product suite helps businesses and institutions build the ecosystem of tomorrow. By leveraging the power of our proven blockchain infrastructure development teams can integrate once, and go to market in days.

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Manny Hernandez

Tech Visionary
Manny Hernandez, is a tech visionary with extensive experience in Marketing and Web3 technologies. He has been deeply involved in the blockchain and crypto industries since 2013. His passion for NFTs and their potential for revolutionizing human interaction drives his mission for mass Web3 adoption, underpinned by a background in direct response marketing since 2009.

Carlos Art Nevarez

Tech Fundamentalist
With over 30 years of experience spanning mobile, social, cloud computing, and more, Carlos Art Nevarez has held key roles as CTO of BPU Holdings and Chief Architect of Java Tech Group at Novell. Currently, he serves as Chair at the Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing at the US National Science Foundation, spearheading technology innovation.

Boban Pavloski

Master of Code
Boban Pavlovski transitioned from building mass-scale mobile networks in the telecom sector to developing cutting-edge, scalable blockchain tools for web3. As an expert on actor models and scalable systems, he ensures that backends are prepared for the upcoming wave of mass adoption.

AJ Shin

AJ is an entrepreneur in the tech and FinTech area. In the last 18 years, he helped companies access the Korean market, started several companies, and established relationships with Gemalto, Samsung, LG, etc. Then he entered the untapped institutional robo-advise market and started Synthetic Advisors with FiveT Capital.