Features Comparison

We bring together visionary ideas, exceptional features, and cutting-edge technology to build world-changing companies.

Features Degen Wallet Metamask Uniswap Coinbase Ledger CashApp/Venmo/Zelle
Non - CustodialX
Peer to Peer Token Transfers
Wallet to Wallet MessagesXXXXX
DeFi SwapsXXX
Centralized SwapsXXX
Real On-Chain NFT DisplayXXXXX
OpenSea API NFT DisplayXX
NFT TransfersXX
Liquid StakingXXXXX
Centralized StakingXXXXX
Centralized LoansXXXXX
Keyless OnboardingXXXXX
Native Hardware WalletXXXX
Hot/Cold Wallet FunctionsXXXX
Business FunctionsXXXX
Fiat On/Off Ramp
Small Business CheckoutsXXXXX
Deep Tokens DiscoveryXXXXX
Deep Transaction StatementsXXXXX
Online Merchant FunctionsXXXX
Checkout TippingXXXXX
Custom email, SMS or print receiptsXXXXX
Scalable Mobile TechnologyXXXXX
ENS DiscoveryXXX
Native dApp SupportXXXXX
Browser Based dApp SupportXXXX
Multi-Chain Support
Credit Card Payments SupportXXXXX
Liquidity Agregation for TokensXXXX
Liquidity Agregation for NFTsXXXXX
3-Factor AuthenticationXXXXX
Vault-like SecurityXXXXX
Leading-Edge PrivacyXXXXX
Time-Saving SpeedXXXXX
Biometric AuthenticationXX
User-Friendly InterfaceXXXX
Account Recovery
Desktop AppXXX
Mobile AppX
Social Accounts MappingXXXXX
AI Wallet AssitantXXXXX

The benefits of using Degen Web3

Developed to save time. Designed to be robust.


Save On Development Time

Leverage the power of a proven blockchain infrastructure trusted by industry leaders. Integrate once, go to market in days.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our flexible pricing plans offer the best cost to performance ratio. Get access to full product suite and features. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.


Enterprise-grade Security

We apply encryption to REST, encryption to memory, and encryption in transit on all sensitive data. We are fully ISO 27001 certified.


All-in-one Dashboard

One dashboard for all of your crypto operations. Get API keys, generate addresses, setup webhooks, monitor failed requests, callbacks and more.