Multiple Use Cases

We bring together visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and investment capital to build world-changing companies.

NFT Marketplace

Develop state-of-the-art NFT Marketplaces with our suit of NFT Data APIs, Factory Smart Contracts and Libraries developed specifically with NFT degens in mind.

NFT Analytics

Develop modern NFT Analitycs tools with the most reliable real-time data directly from the collection's smart contracts

NFT Minting

Mint NFTs directly from your native applications with our NFT Mining APIs

Crypto Custody

Retain full control of your assets, sign on your side and leave everything else to us.

Market Data Applications

Our unified endpoints make it easy to get what you need from multiple sources.

Block Explorer

Get the most detailed and accurate blockchain and market data quickly and at lower cost.

Crypto Mining

Access to a reliable source of blockchain data is the key to long-term value.

Portfolio Tracking

Accurate and gapless market data from the top crypto platforms and exchanges in one dashboard.

Crypto Taxes & Accounting

Our unified API endpoints make creating and delivering crypto tax solutions much easier.

Crypto Lending

Reliable infrastructure to manage crypto lending solutions and operate with ease.

Digital Banks

Build reliable and scalable solutions and get them to market fast with our robust suite.

Crypto Exchange

All-in-one integration for everything a crypto exchange needs.

Crypto PSP

Any crypto payment service provider (PSP) can rely on our product suite.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets need a reliable, auto-scalable, trusted infrastructure.

Crypto Wallet

Get quick access to multiple blockchain nodes and build your wallet faster.

The benefits of using Degen Web3

Developed to save time. Designed to be robust.


Save On Development Time

Leverage the power of a proven blockchain infrastructure trusted by industry leaders. Integrate once, go to market in days.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our flexible pricing plans offer the best cost to performance ratio. Get access to full product suite and features. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.


Enterprise-grade Security

We apply encryption to REST, encryption to memory, and encryption in transit on all sensitive data. We are fully ISO 27001 certified.


All-in-one Dashboard

One dashboard for all of your crypto operations. Get API keys, generate addresses, setup webhooks, monitor failed requests, callbacks and more.